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Evans Friends of the Vine-Wine Club ~

Friends of the Vine is our wine club and it is one incredible offer. Register here with our wine club and you will receive 20% off the retail price off the Six of the Best. What's more - you are under no obligation to purchase, just simply register here or at the store when you pick up your selection. Encompass fun, knowledge and a wonderfully satisfying experience for under $100 every month. At the start of month, Dan Evans, with proven skill and careful research will find 6 bottle of wines for you, your family and your friends to sample every month.

It's a new year, a new month and a new 6 pack to share! Dan has put together another interesting package. This month's 6 pack, after the 20% discount, is $73.02 And, don't forget, if there is a selection you really like you can purchase it throughout the month at 20% off retail while supplies last!

Give us some feedback; we'd love to hear what you think of April's 6 Friends of the Vine selections! 



All efforts are made to reflect current pricing. You must be of legal age to purchase alcohol.


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Wine by Color

Red (347)
White (231)

Wine Country

Argentina (19)
Australia (10)
Canada (3)
Chile (38)
France (110)
Germany (1)
Hungary (1)
Italy (86)
Japan (3)
Portugal (8)
Spain (85)
USA (202)

Price Range

$10 - $15 (259)
$15 - $20 (160)
$20 - $25 (44)
$25 - $30 (31)
$30 and up (34)
Under $10 (83)

Food Pairing

Aperitif (55)
Beef (104)
Cheese (99)
Chicken (99)
Chinese (11)
Dessert (17)
Fish (102)
Game (11)
Indian (12)
Lamb (118)
Pasta (83)
Pork (116)
Salad (39)
Seafood (82)
Turkey (13)
Vegetarian (77)
Venison (8)